Kindly read the details below to help you get started with your Affiliate account. 

1. How to create a player account using your Affiliate link.

2. Issues you may encounter while creating a player account using your Affiliate link.

3. How to check your commission and the dashboard?

4. How can i calculate my commission?
Important Notes:
 Increase affiliate commission ranges from 15% to 42%, depending on your weekly active players and net losses.
B. Commission is calculated on a weekly basis. Commission for current week will be settled on the following week Wednesday 5:00 PM.
C. 18% of player’s profit&loss will be deducted as operation and admin cost.
D. P2P games such as Ludo and BPoker are excluded from the commission calculation.

5. How can I withdraw my commission?

6. When can I withdraw my commission?

7. Weekly commission reset.

Once you have read all the information provided, you may now start as our Cricket Affiliate. 
If you have any questions, kindly contact us and we are very happy to assist.