Issues you may encounter while creating a player account and how to resolve it

I don’t see my affiliate code at the top of the sign up page when I use my link

We advise our affiliates to delete first their browser history before creating a player account using their affiliate link. 

Best practice to register a player account with an affiliate link:

1. Make sure your browser history is deleted. You may use google chrome to create a player id.

2. Copy your link from your affiliate account and paste it directly in your browser (google chrome). 
Make sure that you see your Affiliate code before completing the player account registration. 

3. Check if the newly created player account is under your affiliate account. 

Why is the player not added to my affiliate account?

1. Your have clicked another affiliate link before and the details of the previous affiliate link has been saved in to your browser history. 

Player account will be added to the previous link that has been saved into your browser history. 

Please see the instructions below on how to see if you are using your affiliate link correctly:

1. Copy your Affiliate link, open your browser and paste your affiliate link. Go to Sign up page. 

2. If your affiliate code is the same as what you see on the sign up page, your link is working fine. The player account will appear under your affiliate account. 

3. If the code in your affiliate link is NOT THE SAME as what you see on the sign up page, please delete your browser history and try again.

2. If you do not use your affiliate link to create the account. No affiliate code will be shown on the sign up form.

What can I do when a player account was not added to my affilate account?

1. Contact the affiliate support team and provide the player id.

2. Affiliate team will validate the request, affiliate support may close the player account so you can re-register a new account with the same email address and phone number.

3. Clear the browser history first before creating a new account.

4. Please note that the player account can be closed if it is a new account with empty transactions. Megacricketworld reserves the right to review the appeal on case to case basis.